UNC Charlotte or Charlotte

Certainly the hyphen name is not good but I’m getting tired of only “Charlotte” being used when referring to the Athletic program as it is in the Sports page. I think UNC Charlotte and Charlotte should be interchangable.

For example, there’s a story in the paper today about a women’s high school all star camp at Charlotte’s Halton Arena. I think it’s ok to say “at UNC Charlotte” in that situation.


I think it would be ok to say “at the University of Charlotte’s Halton Arena”…The way they say it sounds like Halton Arena belongs to the city of Charlotte.

I shall always refer to the mother ship as UNC Chapel Hill. As long as we’re known in any shape or form as the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, UNC Charlotte, UNCC, etc. we should do the same for them. :lol:

I agree and thought the shortname has been taken a bit too far. However, I am quite comfortable with it always in print in boxscores and rankings as Charlotte. Calling UNC Charlotte “Charlotte” is no different then interchanging “North Carolina” with UNC Chapel Hill. I have been a strong advocate of the official term “UNC Chapel Hill” for a long time. I cringe whenever people misuse “UNC”.

I refer to anything and everything associated with the school as just “Charlotte”.

Where did you graduate from?

It’s no different than someone from UNC-CH saying they graduated from “Carolina”. It’s our shortened name, and the one I think that we should be known by.

I think it just being “Charlotte’s Halton Arena” is just fine. I think it would be OK if they used one of the other names here, but I just don’t think it really matters that much.