UNC Charlotte Police Chief Marlene Hall Resigns


So SHE was in Playboy…um kay


Is this 2 in a row? I thought they alread had a Police Chief quit over Playboy like 2-3 years ago.


You can order the issue if you would like.

Same person, she didn’t quit then. The story just came out back then.

Hire Chuck Norris. If he isn’t available there are several recently retired CMPD Deputy Chiefs with UNC Charlotte degrees. I sure hope that the school will reach out to one of them. I normally don’t care either way about hiring alums, but we need an actual law enforcement professional this time, one with connections in local law enforcement. Much of the crime around school is perpetrated by non-students and we need a coordinated effort between UNC Charlotte and CMPD to contol it.


I dont think Campus Police could possibly get any more incompetent than it already is.

$10,000 report about former police chief?

i’ve said it once and i’ll say it again… she is NOT attractive by any means, then or now.

[quote=“Mr. Bojangles, post:2, topic:23451”]http://www.wbtv.com/Global/story.asp?S=12652176


Is that a guy?

They done gone made him OFFICIAL Pole-ice chief!


So was Baker in Playgirl. I know we have a reputation of naked police chiefs to uphold. :))