UNC Cheat Products

Checking in from Maryland. Does anyone know of any UNC Cheat Products out there whether it be stickers or shirts. I would love to display up here my fellow Maryland fans would appreciate it and I would love to have something for the Rice game if possible. I looked online and didn’t see anything. Thanks go Niners!!

clt recommends wal mart.

[quote=“cltniners, post:2, topic:30600”]clt recommends wal mart.[/quote] I don’t know if he was looking at “regular” Chapel Hill gear and was being sarcastic or he wanted some gear that had something like UNC-Cheat on it.

Think he wants “UNC-CHEAT” on it. :))

I was thinking a mod had changed everything to “Cheat” since some fans think we’re a satellite campus of the “flagship.”

UNC CHEAT stuff!!

Thought this was funny but I’m looking for something different then this. I don’t want to wear that blue color to a game.