UNCC Stimulus Money

We’re #2!!!

“Ranked second on the senators’ list was a University of North Carolina at Charlotte project that received $762,372 in stimulus finds to develop a computerized choreography program, the report said.”


About 1/4 page down.

Welcome to last month.

In UD’s defense, this report just came out. We new of the dance bullshit, but the report is new.

Some of us didn’t know of this dance BS until today.

And if you want a dance study… I’ll give you a dance study. Right MAL girls! :wink:

lmao, 44% overhead? No wonder the university loves getting stimulus packages.

Story about this on WSOC at 11 tonight.

We could probably come up with 760,000 better things the money could have been spent on around campus. I would like to know how they got public monies to do this. What benefit is this providing to society?