Uncommitted 2022 DB, 3 star

[Jhamal Shelby, Jr - Hudl]

[Jhamal Shelby, St. Augustine, Cornerback]

Not sure who posted this, but if it was the player or one of his reps that means he likely wants a call from our staff and based on that offer list and ranking he would be an excellent addition to our team.

Could it be the player looking to get into our first “AAC” recruiting class perhaps? That’s smart money if it is cause there is a world of opportunity in charlotte right now.


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I would definitely like to have him on our team

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Send him an offer coach!!

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I would direct this young man and his family members to the following link, which has all the relevant information for prospective student athletes:

The Football coaching staff’s contact information is also available on the school website:

To keep the NCAA happy, I am going to close this thread. However, as fans we are always pleased to see high caliber recruits showing interest in the program!