Underdog Dynasty Predictions

Not much I can disagree with here other than his choice to use the university’s full name. Between Georgia State, FAU, FIU, Southern Miss, UTSA, and Presby…I think can muster out 3 wins out of those games. Starting the season off 2-0 would be a really good confidence booster for the program in it’s first FBS season. MTSU has also been known to lay eggs against some lesser competition, so who knows what could happen.

[size=1em]I think 2-10 is a fair judgement. [font=verdana]But part of me thinks we fair better than that. I think 4-8, maybe 5-7. [/font][/size]

[size=1em]We can put up points like anyone (except Marshall/WKU). [/size]

[size=1em]The loss of Bruce Tall is worth at least 14 points off our points allowed in my opinion. I think our record/perception coming out of last season is way different if literally anyone else were our DC, and now we have a new DC.[/size]

[size=1em]I think Rice, UK, Marshall, MTSU, and ODU are the only games we walk into that are a foregone conclusion.[/size]

[size=1em]I’ll go out on a limb and say we beat Temple. They are @ Cincy, @ UMASS, then on a shorter week (friday) @ Charlotte.[/size]

I think the only league game we have a fair shot at is UTSA at home. We’ll be dogs in the others. But Rice was a defensive team that list their stars to the NFL. They’ll beat us, but I wouldn’t expect heavy favorites.

Temple has a damn good defense. They contained offensive teams like ECU. It’ll be a low scoring game unless we can’t stop them.

I think that’s a fair article. I believe that most of us have the over/under on wins at @ 2 games.

I feel we will be heavy favorites versus Presbyterian.

We will be slight underdogs versus Georgia State and UTSA.

We will be significant underdogs versus Temple, FAU, Southern Miss, FIU, and ODU, but I wouldn’t be shocked if we got a win over one of them.

Rice, Marshall, MT, and Kentucky, we’re probably going to have to hope for some mechanical trouble to their buses on the way to the stadium.

The Georgia State game is huge. A win against them and our ceiling moves to the 3-5 range, a loss and it probably stays at two.