Undervalued/underperforming players sanchez could have turned around

who are some players over the past 15 seasons who were either undervalued or players who were underwhealming who you guys think could have been good players under sanchez. this is my list:
antown coleman. he had good feet for his size and was a good passer.
charles dewhurst. athletic and would have bought into sanchez’s defensive philopshy. great rebounder.
gaby- long, athletic, shotblocker and had the foot speed to be a bamba type player. played hard.
chris sager-sanchez could have used his shooting.
i’m sure there are plenty more but this is my first draft of players.

clt says dewberrry was undervalued

I’d have loved to see Pierria Henry play under Sanchez more than any player of the last decade, and it’s not even close.

While not necessarily underrated, these are guys I think could have thrived under Sanchez:

Thorne, Clayton, Dorn, Woods, Ryan Murphy, Andrien White, Braxton Ogbueze, Quentin Jackson, Curran Scott, Uchebo, Terrence Williams, Shawn Lester, Darion Clark, EVN, Braswell, KJ Sherrill, Demario Mayfield, Phil Jones, An’Juan Wilderness, etc.

looking at that list of players makes me realize how much we’ve underachieved with the quality of taleent we’ve had.

Yeah. Even looking at other guys not on that list - Dijuan Harris, Jamar Briscoe, Javaris Barnett, Jon Davis (who I didn’t include in the initial list because he had one year under Sanchez), etc., were all players who I’d like to have come through the program again. We’ve really underachieved.

Derrio - he played his ass off for major and got benched the following season. I think Sanchez could have used a guy like him a bit better.

Rashad Coleman and Charles Dewhurst always top lists like this for me.

How the hell a team with Chris Braswell, Javarris Barnett, DeMario Mayfield, Jamar Briscoe, Pierria Henry, Derrio Green, EVN, Terrence Williams, KJ Sherrill, Mike Thorne, etc., finished 13-17 (5-11), I’ll never know.

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Not a former player but a former recruit; really wish we had been able to hang onto Isaiah Bigelow. He’s really athletic, really long, and a great shooter.

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Ebuka Izundu for me in that category. He’d have done much better here than Miami, IMO.


Oh man. Izundu would really thrive in this system.


i saw him play once in h.s. great size, long, athletic and could shoot. how’s he doing at wofford?

Pretty well. He’s only playing 15ish mpg, but he’s just a freshman on a pretty talented team.