Undrafted losers

You’ve got to feel pretty bad if you declared early for the draft but you weren’t selected. On this list is none other than Jason Parker and the ex-Cardinal Brandon Bender.

Remember getting all jacked up for either one of these losers to play for the Niners?


Parker seems more like a tragic case to me. His dad Jesse pushing him, and Chapel Hill yanking his chain.

You just get the feeling that if he would have come here like he was supposed to, it would have worked out differently for him. Four year starter with a good chance of getting drafted. That frontline would have been fierce too - Parker, White, etc… man.

Bender, on the other hand, had a few screws loose. Total delusions of grandeur. How many guys did Jermaine Williams posterize in his 2 years here? Just one, BB.

Pat Forde on Brandon Bender:

TO THE astonishment of all of us, Bender was not taken ahead of Dwight Howard, Emeka Okafor or any of the 57 other players drafted. Somehow, the NBA failed to recognize a 14-points-per-game scorer in NAIA as a can’t-miss pro. But there’s always the free-agent market for our Don Quixote of hoops.

Courier-Journal.com: Pat Forde