University Area Thoroughfare Study

They’re conducting a traffic study for the university area to improve access and safety. Link to a survey is in the article.

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Pedestrian bridges or tunnels are needed across University City Blvd (Hwy 49) and Tryon (Hwy 29).


Our problem with pedestrian bridges is that people crossing the road will still use the ped crossings even if a bridge is right there. Ped bridges work best over sunken highways, where it is more difficult to cross the road than to climb stairs up to the bridge. I’d be willing to bet the ped bridge at the UCity parking deck is mostly used by people parking in that deck because there is a direct connection to it. I doubt any of the local walkers bother to go into that deck to get to the bridge. I’d bet that if the access to the bridge on that side were external even the deck parkers would use the ped crossing. It’s human nature to take the path of least resistance even if the danger is greater.

Tunnels that completely replace existing ped crossing (in other words they take out the traffic lights too) are probably our only option to get them regularly used.