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I thought we needed a thread for odds and ends.

There was a story on the 5/30/2021 CBS Sunday Morning show about homelessness, and they cited a study that talked about the usage of public services like ER visits, police interactions, and usage of emergency shelters dropping significantly when people are moved into homes. UNC Charlotte did the study. They didn’t mention that, but it is on each of the graphics they displayed, like this one.

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Hunter is on at 3:15, will probably discuss Sanchez.

Christine Katziff is Bank of America’s chief audit executive. She’s currently serving in her second term on UNC Charlotte’s board of trustees.

Bank of America Corp.'s (NYSE: BAC) partnership with UNC Charlotte has been a vital economic engine for the region for more than three decades.

That established alliance continues to flourish, providing career opportunities for thousands of students and millions of dollars in community investments. A strong advocate for the partnership has been [Christine Katziff]( Katziff), BofA’s chief audit executive and a member of UNC Charlotte’s board of trustees. She joined the board in 2019 and was recently reappointed to serve a second term starting July 1.

“We have a long-standing relationship,” Katziff said. “We see it as a key piece of fabric of this community and a key piece of how it feeds the corporate community in Charlotte.”

UNC Charlotte is the city’s largest university and the second-largest college in North Carolina. As an academic powerhouse, the school has brought talent, innovation, community connections and economic growth to Charlotte. And roughly 60% of alumni from the university stay within the local region after graduating, Katziff said.

She noted those qualities are what attracted BofA to grow its partnership with the school and inspired Katziff to join the board of trustees.

“Every great city needs a great university, and UNC Charlotte is certainly Charlotte’s great university,” she said. “One of the benefits of having corporate leaders on the UNC Charlotte board is the ability to make a connection between the corporate community, the region and all of that makes the university stronger. But more importantly, it’s the priorities, areas of focus — the interests of Bank of America in the community at large are so closely aligned with the university.”


Once B of A ends naming rights for Panthers stadium, they could reinvest in us.

There isn’t a specific thread for this stuff.

Why?? Does our own bookstore get everything wrong!!

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It’s on purpose at this point. They have to be trolling us.


Charlotte professor featured on CBS Sunday Morning this morning.


Such a relevant topic and great to see the C and our campus on national TV!


clt says we cannot build dorms fast enough. meanwhile at eCu:

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My nephew’s girlfriend was affected by this. She still has no idea where she’s living this semester.

I thought Charlotte was a commuter school :wink: