University wasting money?

My profession is waterproofing,roofing,insulating design.I work usually with architects and engeneers so do not have a direct connection to the university.It came to my attention that the school has just finished reroofing the Barnhard center.(was done in phases as not to interupt the sports season).The price tag for this was 1.2 million dollars.The price is fair for a job this size however my problem is the age of the roof.I was involved with Odell ass. the architects who did the design.The type of roof that was put on initally is known as a thermaplastic single ply.The warranty duration for these roofs is a minium of 10 years and usually 15-20 years.So if Barnhard/Halton was finished in 1996 and reroofed in 2004 for 1.2 million dollars you can see why I have a problem with this situation.Any one with close university ties may want to check on this issue.The information on the price of the project was taken directly from the schools website.

I don’t know any details, but I do know there were puddles of water on the courts in the SAC last summer at points. Maybe it should be under warranty, I don’t know, but it definitely needed to be fixed.

Lake, you need to make some calls and get some damn new expansion joints in the parking deck out here at Wachovia CIC. I freak’n almost fell down when a car passed me by and the whole concrete slab section underneath me moved up and down about 3 inches. :o

Get me some names.

Lake, why don’t you call John Neilson in Facilities Management? He’s the Assistant Director for Construction Manager and a former employee at Odell. In fact, he oversaw the SAC construction.

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OK, this behemoth of a complex is run by Wachovia Corporate Real Estate and ChildressKlein Properties. The internal website here lists Jim Martin at 704-383-2761 ( as a contact for construction management issues. This includes architectural and construction services. He should be able to lead you in the right direction.

Oh, and I want some commission if it happens… :slight_smile:

You will get chicken wings and a beer!

[i]Originally posted by lake49er[/i]@Apr 8 2005, 08:25 AM [b] You will get chicken wings and a beer! [/b]
Just one beer? <_<