Unofficial Official 2011-2012 Schedule

Any word on an exhibition game? I’d love to play Smiff or Queens again. Those are always fun.

TV Games:
1/14 Saint Louis at Charlotte (CBS Sports Network - Regional)
3/3 Charlotte at Xavier (CBS Sports Network - Regional)

And looks like the 2/4 game at Fordham is at 1:00

Why is there no exhibition? F*cky Commies! >:D

They later released they would play one on Nov 3rd, settle down.

Has anyone had any luck subscribing to the Men’s BBall schedule? I tried using the following link from and linking it to my Google calendar with no luck. The women’s hoops and baseball were no problem.


They later released they would play one on Nov 3rd[/quote]
Against D-II Belmont Abbey. Just checked the media guide - Niners 0-8 all-time versus the Crusaders. Of course, last time we played each other was 1969! Also checked to see if Al McGuire was still the coach at BAC during that time, but he had already left for Marquette the year before the series began in 1965 when both schools were NAIA members.

BA is the Crusaders? I don’t understand how they or Holy Cross avoid getting protesters. In today’s PC world, you’re not supposed to use that word, Crusaders, or any variation of it.