Upgrades at Bona's Reilly Center

From the Olean Times-Herald:

The floor portion of the Reilly Center upgrade is now complete.

“Bob Lanier Court,” as it’s called now, has a lighter tone than the previous floor. And Lanier’s autograph graces the floor at the hash marks on both sides of the court.

Other changes include a gigantic running wolf logo at midcourt that extends nearly from 3-point line to 3-point line. The lane areas are no longer painted except for brown colored “A-10” logos in the middle.

“It’s sharp. It’s bright,” Watson said. “To me, it lights up the whole arena. And it’s the first step.”

The scoreboards on both ends of the arena will also be replaced, and so will the arena’s aging sound system. In addition, the large padded basket supports will be scrapped for baskets that will hang from the arena ceiling, like they used to.

“That’s going to improve sight lines behind the baskets for our fans and bring back a little tradition to the Reilly Center,” Watson said.

He expects the project to be completely finished by October.

Link: LeanTimesHerald.com

BTW, Dayton is putting in a new floor in UD Arena as well.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I wouldnt miss those green filled 3pt arcs on the niners court one bit if they vanished. I assume somethings got to be done next season when the 3pt lane does change, right?