US News ranks the university in top 50 for social mobility


I think social mobility is an decent proxy for Return On Investment (ROI), and the correlation is probably better than average at a school like ours where the first-generation college student percentage is high.

If you look at the National University rankings we are #277, but if you filter for only public universities we are #112. When your freshman class size hits a new record every year the acceptance rate is not going to go down, so that works against us, but we are definitely on the right track.

clt says we are growing, while adding quality and more grad students. that is a recipe for success.

However, our acceptance rate has gone down significantly still over the last decade.

I’m curious what we view as our soft cap on enrollment long term. That has to come a time where we say x is as big as we can be with on campus instruction.

I realize with a second uptown building additional facilities and online options we can keep growing for awhile but we have to have a max size in mind. What is that? 40? 50k?

clt bets cone and cone deck come down for new academic research buildings

I want to say they were aiming for something like 45k. The goal was 35k by 2030, on maybe an old master plan or something.

Hopefully they continue to increase on campus housing and take freshman parking away at some point. Need to continue to encourage campus culture as much as growth which Gaber seems to be favor of.


I also have heard 45k. We can only grow as fast as we can build facilities, so getting there may take a while.

What would stop us from growing to 70K like UCF?

Build taller buildings for more space.

Build more parking decks for commuters.

Build more dorms.

Not sure why 35-45 is the high water mark.

The main thing is keeping quality up and adding programs.

Of course without being able to ad professional programs like law and medicine and dental, that could stall growth.

As far as the cone deck and cone center go. They need to be torn down and replaced but we need a bigger and better cone center for on campus events. For example the annual Cybersecurity conference seems to be bursting at the seams in the cone center.

The hotel should be answer to the crowds at Cone center. That was part of the purpose of the hotel.

As far as size goes - there is a limit to how much we can build.

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You hit the nail on the head. Don’t think that the powers that be in NC aren’t also thinking that the influencers look to shift more towards Charlotte in the future versus the Triangle. The only way to keep the status quo of the triangle schools in power and keep Charlotte in check is to limit the programs and degrees offered, which in turn, limits the potential growth of Charlotte. If our past Chancellor wasn’t suckling the teet of the Blue Bloods, this would be a moot point. Not sure if any of those past decisions can be reevaluated and simply find some big dollar donors to build a building and program and get into those areas that the triangle schools don’t want us to be in. I’m just ready for the powers to be at Charlotte to give the big green and gold middle finger to those holding us back and move forward, however I understand that money talks. I’m pretty sure that if there was enough interest and big donors that want a Law and Medical school at Charlotte University, there will be one, no matter the opinions of the BOG. They can’t deny us the opportunity or the accreditation since they don’t have that power. Their power comes from deterring donors and government bodies to push back or simply not seeming interested.

We need someone like Mike Hill on the academic sides of our university to just push forward and say the hell with status quo. We don’t need to be in everything, but not because the Blue Bloods and BOG say so

clt says we should look at a pharma school. sadly, looks like med school is moot point

We should ask UNCle what we can have.

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