USA 94, Puerto Rico 79

Curtis didn’t shoot well today, was 3-10 at one point, box score not yet psoted.

Allan Ray shot a perfect 5-of-5 from beyond the arc and finished with a team-high 20 points to lead the USA U21 World Championship Team past Puerto Rico 94-79 on Sunday night in Argentina. The USA also received 12 points and nine rebounds from Curtis Withers, 11 points and 10 rebounds from Terrence Roberts and 10 from Taj Gray. The squad connected on a whopping 11-of-23 3-point attempts (.478).

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USA 2005 Men’s U21 World Championship Team

I don’t understand why PR has a team. They’re part of the US. Put their best players on our TEAM. I don’t go around asking for a NC Olympic team.

Because they are a self-governing commonwealth, and should be able to have a little bit of fun in life. Would it bother you if American Samoa fielded a team of whatever Samoans do best?

Samoans love football.

American Samoa should be on the US Olympic team as well.
The bad thing about a self-governing territory is they get the benefits of independence (no US taxes,) but the benefits of statehood as well (their citizens get fed. protection & fed. benefits.) It’s not fair to the other 50 states. PR should pick independence or statehood, but they shouldn’t be allowed to be in the middle.
I have nothing against the people of PR, & I plan to visit in Nov., but they should go by the same rules as NC or be independent like Mexico.
This goes for PR, Guam, USVI, American Samoa, & any other self-governing territories we have.
They Olympic Games & other international events are for countries, not territories.
The Netherlands Antilles should compete on the Netherlands team, not their own.
Hong Kong should compete on the China team, not their own.
The Falkland Isles should compete for the UK, not theri own.

Can I have my house declared a self-governing territory? I’ll call my territory THE (The Houck Empire.)

On the same note, I always wondered why Scotland has its own World Cup soccer team. They aren’t any more self governing than North Carolina. I guess it is a pride thing.