USA U21 vs Ukraine

119 to 64, USA wins.

Curt led the team in scoring w/ 22 points (8-10 FGs, 1-1 3pts, 5-5 FTs, 4 rebs and 1 assist)

The Ukranian team had 9 assists and 48 turnovers.

That’s pretty rough to average more than one turnover per minute.

[SIZE=4]48[/SIZE] :blink:

Curtis Withers, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
How did it feel to be out on the court again tonight wearing a USA Basketball jersey?
It reminded me of our first game last year against Canada (exhibition) when we got out on the floor the first time. It made you realize what we have as a team, how good we are already and how much better we can be.

You seemed to be firing on all cylinders, both offensively and defensively.
Oh yeah. In the scrimmage we had on Sunday we were a little unorganized, we ran around because we didn’t really have any plays set yet. We also weren’t really familiar playing with each other, as far as a game concept goes. It took the last two days, four good practices, getting in plays, executions, as well knowing what we had to do to win, getting rebounds. That’s what we did today.

Will you be able to use your experience last summer to help your teammates adjust to the differences out here?
One thing that a lot of players had to adjust to, and coach hit on, is that all the players are starters on their teams at school. They’re not used to coming off the bench and not starting. Playing from the bench, we kind of zoned out so we’re going to have to stay with the team game, because we’re all one team. There is no ‘I’ in this USA team. We’re all trying to do the same thing, accomplish one goal, and that’s winning the gold. We’re going to have to come together and do what we need to do to win.

note: all this done in just 14 minutes of action

And to top it off, it was even in today’s Observer – albeit buried in the “In Brief” section in the back of the sports section. Still, better than nothing… :rolleyes: