Username change

[color=green]Any way I can change my username to ‘GreenWhite13’ ? I made it before I decided to change my graduation date/year.

NEIN!!! Das ist Verbötten!!! Gehen sie raus!!!

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I feel ya. Sometimes we don’t plan ahead- I’ve been thinking of trying to get mine changed to “NotSoNewNiner” or just TribeNiner, like it is on other boards. Start doing this, though, and they may have their hands full with requests.

Its always time for 49ers Football…NOW!

[color=green]Dang! Guess I’ll just have to get a new one. :frowning:

I don’t see what the problem with your username is, personally.

(PS, your login remains the same)


I like mine because NONE OF YOU KNOW WHO I AM!!!

…oh wait.

Bringing back a Judy Rose aged thread cause I couldn’t find a more relevant one. Had multiple issues with my old account (@Byrdmobthedk ). Not worried about salvaging so just transitioning to a new one. Not a new face drifting in but just wanted to update here

Play some Skynard FreeByrd!

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