Utah AG vs BCS - the Anti-Trust Suit

Apparently taking just Utah was not enough. Someone from BCS HQ better be talking Beebe into offering BYU a spot in the Big 12ish.




So, you finally get made and then you set out to take down all of La Cosa Nostra? Even if you are made now, this is a good way to get yourself whacked. The Don of the Pac 10 family has gotta be perplexed at this. A kiss on one cheek, a slap on the other.

It’s about time. TCU, Boise St, BYU, Hawaii, Fresno St, etc. are saying FU to the BCS.

Not to mention fans of non-BCS programs in other sports. How many times have we gotten screwed on bids in men’s & women’s soccer, women’s b-ball, baseball, softball, even a couple of times in men’s b-ball.

Letter From Dept of Justice to NCAA on BCS