V. Grier has 23 for Minnesota

9-10 from the field

Yay for him, still gotta love the Charlotte kids.

But, that being said, too bad he will probably never sniff an NCAA tourney game. Shoulda stuck with the 49ers.

Vince was a traitor and a selfish player.

Why do you think he went to Minn?
Vince needs his shots to show all the NBA scouts he is a big time 2G.

Before the season started his coach said he has a chance to lead the Big10 in scoring as a jr, looks like he is off to the right start.

He was an enormous drag on our team. Screw him.

Check out Photo # 8 in USA Today’s Day in Sportslink.

Day in Sports

Quicker link. He be ugging it up.

Grier most likely is having trouble finding bars to be kicked out of in minnesota, or at least its too cold to want to be kicked out.