Vasic has a torn ACL


word is, vasic has torn his acl


That is the fear. Not sure he has had an MRI yet but I’ve heard high probability it is torn.


clt hopes for the best


Queue the 10 Commandments of Niner Basketball


Summer workouts? Or unrelated accident?

Does this increase the want/need to fill the final scholarship spot?


Now he can be our third assistant.


that hurts. We are going to need some of our young talent to step up , I think this sets up Brandon Younger and Malik martin to produce early. I am anxious to see what these boys can do offensively because from the clips I seen, they are really good defensively . I like B Young length and Martins drive. Think they can play well together


I think it could be a blessing if Vasic stays and his health improves. He can redshirt and be around after an additional recruiting cycle. If he was the guy that tipped the scales to make the tournament it would be bad for fans, but this is a team that will simply be trying to make the CUSA tournament. I like him staying an extra year down the road, but the circumstance that occurred to draw the red shirt is unfortunate for him personally.


i have slightly higher expectations for this team than simply trying to make the cusa tournament but i agree about it possibly being a blessing in disguise. this team is probably not dancing or even coming close so it gives the young guys a chance to play early and get acclimated to the system. i hope he comes back healthy though because i think he has a lot of potential.