Verizon Fios

Time start one of these again. Anyone have/had Fios TV and internet? If so, what did you like? What did you not like? How did it compare to Uverse or DirectTV?

clt says aol, ftw

I have fios for Internet. Use it to stream my roku, Internet, Netflix, etc. it’s very reliable for me.

As far as TV, I don’t have it but my brother does and he speaks highly of it too. Has a really good HD picture.

Nova says Google fiber, ftw

How much $$$ is this Fios you speak of

[quote=“cibik02, post:5, topic:29369”]How much $$$ is this Fios you speak of[/quote]pretty much the same as Uverse or cable. not available in nc though.

But Fiber will be here soon!

I need a new job.

Yea, looks like maybe I went to a Spam site. The site said it was available in my area. Then when I called Verizon they said it wasn’t. All that research for nothing.

[quote=“Powerbait, post:7, topic:29369”]But Fiber will be here soon!

I need a new job.[/quote]

Leaning towards that’s what I should do. Although, it’s still going to be awhile before it’s up and running. Seems like it took Uverse a couple of years after announcement to when it was readily available.