Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars which was by far the best new show on television the season is re-airing it’s pilot tonight on UPN (cable 14) tonight.
Check it out or tape it. I promise that it will hook you and you will be glad it did.
This show is/was so much better than Lost.

Good Luck


at 9 right? I’ll be at work :frowning:

Correct 9:00PM.

Tape it PB.


What’s it about? When does it come on next?

It’s on again on Wednesday at 9:00 I think. They’re coming back with the 10th episode, which is a good one, but you’ll miss a lot of the story arc.
Missing the pilot really puts you behind on the show. It gives you a whole bunch of stuff to digest.

If you want to catch up, I suggest starting here.

Veronica Mars TWOP episode 1


i rented the first season, and I’m just through with the 3rd disc.

one of the top two shows on tv.

It is not quite as good as My Name Is Earl, but it is better than Everybody hates Chris. I finally have a reason to watch TV shows again, and that reason is DVR.

Welcome to the club… Great Show!!

I tried to get into this show after hearing such great stuff about it on here. I am a huge LOST & 24 fan and now Heroes too, but Veronica show just did not hook me. Seems like an excellent show, just not my cup of tea. Great star though… she is hot!

Love the show, own the first two seasons, anxiously awaiting for the 3rd season to start back up.

Ya’ll don’t need me to remind you of my feelings on this show. I’m just glad I pulled a couple of converts.
Now if ya’ll would all tell two friends, VM would always be worried about getting cancelled.

Supplimenting your watching experience with the TWOP recaps is also key.



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i thought this was about a recruit! ;D

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