Very disappointing

We have better players but we got out-coached in the second half. :frowning: Oh well. Welcome to the A-10 fellas. :wacko:

I’m not sure i agree with that. Your guys looked defeated as soon as they figured out that State wasn’t going to lay down after the big opening run. I didn’t see a whole lot of mental toughness from the niners over the past few weeks.

Next season I imagine we will lose in 5OT at home to Indiana, get beat on the road by Alabama, and lose to St. Bonaventure twice.

First I don’t listen to WF pussies, second we were outcoached by herb Sendek???

Please , please Tenn, Va EZU, wait they got a coach, someone take lutx off our hands

State is horrible. UConn will crush them

But we’re even worse.

We are the worst half court team I have ever seen. If we cant run a play for Plav then all we can do is try to force it inside to Curt where he turns it over. We have no other offense at all. I have no idea how we won 21 games.

Besides the coaching, the old demon of free throws came back to haunt us once again. What a damn shame for this team. They had so much potential. Tiny consolation: State gets waxed by UConn. Of course, we would have too.

That game was horrible, we had State beat. It’s like the Niners forgot completely about fundamentals like free throw shooting, good passing, holding onto the ball, and decent defense. It looked like we just forgot how to play altogether and became an 8th grade AAU team. A shame…

first off, i disagree with the post that says “worst season ever.” we have to remember how good of a season this was… however when it come down to crunchtime, c-usa tourney, and ncaa, we dont show up… if we are not pushing the ball, we are not scoring effectively… it seems that if we’re not running plays for plav, we’re not running any plays… curt feels like he has to force the ball inside and he turns it over… eddie was his normal agreesive self, however he forced it too much… baldwin had NO penetration… he doesn’t really run the point… he could penetrate and kick it out sometimes but never does…

oh well… a highlighted regular season ending with a 1st round loss two years in a row… I guess I better get use to this… :frowning:

I can’t understand that we have the CUSA defensive player of the year…but our defense couldn’t hold off State’s comeback starting in the 1st half.

I had to listen to the game at the office with the Pack Radio network(Boo!) and it seemed like our turnovers hurt us…18…bouncing off of legs, feet, out of bounds, etc…thats just basketball fundamentals…from what I heard, the game was just poorly played on our part in 2nd half.

We weren’t playing our best ball, and they started playing well…I think our guys just got burned out at the last couple of games…can’t wait for the A10…not.

As soon as we went down by four, the guys quit completely. I was very disappointed. They COMPLETELY quit. We were only down by 4!!

like i said earlier, we had better team and state could not win this game on their own merits… it took us LOSING ENERGY and becoming lackadasical, in combination with refs not calling anything when state got down by a lot late in first half and got very physical. That was a HUGE game difference, b/c if they call the obvious fouls we are up double digits going into half, same thing in second half.

its a bad day to be a niner, but atleast the talk i hear on radio isn’t about state winning, but charlotte choking down the stretch.

something is wrong with our second half game at end of this horrible season…the other games we lost were similar pattern in which we start good and end horrible.

hate to say it, but a coaching change does not bother me.

I’m sitting here waiting for Lutz to come on the post game radio show, but I suspect he will duck that responsibility just like he did after Memphis! At least ante up and answer some softball questions from our play by play guy! Maybe he can only do that at O’Charleys?

[b]I can't understand that we have the CUSA defensive player of the year...[/b]

Key word. CUSA. ACC schedule is what let State win this game. We are used to excellent defense and having to play 40 full minutes. You guys arent. Its a simple as that.

NCSU simply out played, out-hearted, and out coached you guys beginning about 3/4 of the way through the first half. In fact, had your Plavich guy not been completely on, the game would have had a completely different feel.

You had your spade, Herb made adjustments and won the game. Hodge took over, like an ACC player of the year should, and your best defender couldnt stop him.

Oh, and it was without our starting point guard AND starting center :blink:

15 yard for pilling on Lokken. Let us lick our wounds.

Yeah I appologize. Like I said in the other thread Im sorry for being an ass.

[i]Originally posted by LokkenNCSU[/i]@Mar 18 2005, 03:21 PM [b]Oh, and it was without our starting point guard AND starting center :blink:[/b]
In a way, we've been playing without our starting center all year.

Good game though. State deserved to win. As someone who grew up on NC State basketball, I’ve watched so many games where a double-digit lead somehow results in a loss. If it were against any other team, I would have been glad to see the Pack make that kind of a comeback and get a win like that. However, I can’t believe that as a Charlotte fan, I still get stuck watching these kinds of losses. Maybe it’s me. :ph34r:

I’ve never seen soooo many frickin’ layups in my life. This team never plays any interior defense. Four miserable losses in a row!!! We suck.

can coaches be drafted?

Well, I finally got to see you guys play for a while it looked like you were gonna blow NC State right off the floor. I had good seats right at mid-court, they were pretty easy to come buy at face value. Anyway you guys had a bad ending to a good season…see ya next year in the A10…

[i]Originally posted by ellifyno+Mar 18 2005, 03:37 PM-->
[b]QUOTE[/b] (ellifyno @ Mar 18 2005, 03:37 PM)
<!--QuoteBegin-LokkenNCSU[/i]@Mar 18 2005, 03:21 PM [b]Oh, and it was without our starting point guard AND starting center :blink:[/b] In a way, we've been playing without our starting center all year. [/b][/quote] Sad but true.