Vidant Hospital and Pitt County ousts UNC Trustees from hospital's Board

Trouble afoot with the ECU med school… wish the article had provided the “why.”

Just read the complaint, Vidant and Pitt County are like, “don’t care if we violate agreement that goes back to 1975, we don’t want you appointing members of the hospital’s board of trustees”… be interesting to find out why… plaintiffs allege it would cost the state $500M to build their own duplicative hospital.

Also, accreditation at risk: “31. Denying UNC the contractual right to appoint nine members to the VMC Board
and allowing the VMC Board to function in material violation of the 2013 Affiliation Agreement
(i.e., without nine members appointed by UNC), could endanger the various accreditations of

Maybe the recent ECU med school financial issues gave them concern. They must have a reason and some sort of defensible position to try to remove UNC from the hospital’s governance without consultation or discussion.

I think this may be the reason.

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Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.

clt says Charlotte will accept the med school. Thanks again ECU, first you gave us coach Healy and now this!

What is “Cook County”?

I believe he means Pitt County.

Yes, should be Pitt

Fixed. Not sure where I got Cook from.

Must have been watching “The Blues Brothers”

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Ecu also gave us the clap.

Back in the day, Charlotte got its psychoactive drugs (LSD) from Greenville. 1970’s. Fact. Must have been the mustard seed for that dang med school.

How the hell is ECU athletics strapped for cash??? I mean they are in the AAC! The also have a legion of dedicated fans that pack out their stadiums and arenas game after game right? I mean… they have tradition!

Seriously what’s their problem? Are they not getting student fees to help out the budget?

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clt says they lost Lebo.

The author of that article didn’t do even the most basic homework. ECU and UNC System are the Plaintiffs, Pitt County and Vidant are Defendents.

The Chairman of the ECU Board of Trustees is a Raleigh attorney named Kieran Shanahan. His brother is Mike Shanahan, the former football coach.

How a university athletic department can run a deficit like ECU’s is an enigma. At some point when things are heading south, you should stop issuing scholarships in non-revenue sports and quit playing out of state non-conference opponents unless you’re being paid to travel to the game/match.

You don’t piss off Virginia Tech, either.

No, you don’t cut non-revenue sports scholarships unless you’re in love with being litigated against. Your other points are valid though.

clt says the time for a med school in Charlotte is now.

Shit’s just blowing up down Greenville way. Turns out they have reason to fear a Chapel Hill takeover attempt.