Video of Football Approval and Rally online!

My department has posted a video of the Chancellor’s approving statement and some of the rally on the web.



This week’s 49ers Insider will be up later today as well.

Not to hijack, but I’m uploading some media to as we speak. Will link in this thread, as it’s the most fitting…

That’s cool.

It keeps buffering for me :
I’ll check it later.

EDIT: got it to work!

Goosebumbs…all over again!

HooNer, I love the sig!

HooNer, I love the sig!
haha thanks man

First off, here is a link to the video I uploaded of Phil’s core recommendation:


Please only download if the university link doesn’t work for you, or if you plan to keep the file!

Coach Lutz supports 49er Football!

Some of the CFI:
The names I know, from Left to Right:
Mike Willard (Roasty), Will Tate, Rob Dibble, Jim Duncan (THE GODFATHER!), Mandeep Gill, Job Fickett (Jfickett), Robert Friedman, Dustin Ellington (Cha_49), I don’t know the last two gentlemen…let me know and I’ll edit the post.


bump for my football heads