W-S Journal

There is a great story on the FRONT page of the sports section in today’s Winston-Salem Journal. It is about the rivalry with Cincy coming to an end. It also has a picture of Bobby and Eddie Basden on the front page. Here is the address. Not sure how to post the link.


The W-S Journal still calls us UNC Charlotte and UNCC though…but any exposure up here is good. GO Niners! The only downside is…I’m going to miss playing Cincy.

For someone who spends alot of time in this city, you’d think he’d (John DeLong) be respectful enough not to call them UNC Charlotte.

I actually emailed him to thank him for the article and the exposure for us. At the end of the email I asked him why the WSJ always refers to us as UNCC or UNC Charlotte. He replied and said that the article he turned in had only Charlotte but the editor changed it every time. I think I’ll send him a message too.

Good article. I think several people from W-S had fought this battle before with the sports editor (and lost).

I emailed him just for the hell of it. I thanked him and asked him to pass a message onto his editor that we don’t really care for the “UNC.”

May not matter, but at least they’ll know we don’t like it.

Geat article. I friend from WS called me this morning to tell me about the article, so we bought a copy of the Journal.

About the name… Their argument used to be that they were afraid their readers would confuse us with the Hornets if they called us Charlotte. After the Hornets left, they did call us Charlotte (part of the time) until this year. FYI, a former employee of the Journal told me that a certain Journal employee who is a graduate of chapel hole lobbied heavily against calling us Charlotte. His initials are BC.

Equal treatment then, UNC Chapel Hill in references to the Tar Heels.