Wake Forest 12/6/18

Anyone going to this game? Sadly this was the kind of game we used to drool over playing. Now for me it’s just like waiting for another kick in the ass.
But, looking much farther down the road, I’m optimistic we’ll be relevant again one day and games like this will prompt a horde of NINER NATION to show up and show out, and we and our team will take over their gym with a huge win like we did at klempzen and state those years, now so long ago. I HAVE A DREAM!!

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I live in Davidson County and work in the Winston area so I am planning on being there with a couple Charlotte grad friends.


I am going as well, hoping for a good game. We really need to win this one

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Be sure to familiarize yourself with the concept of “ACC refs”. After this game you’ll get a first hand experience of it.

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I’ll be there, attending the alumni gathering as well.

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obviously this season, i do not count anything as a should win but they lost to richmond and houston baptist and only beat western carolina at home so acc refs or no acc refs, this is a game we need to win.

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Wake is the worst team in the ACC. This is a winnable game. We aren’t a good team but would expect to keep it under 10 if we do lose.

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Currently planning on going, no idea of pregame plans or even where I’m gonna sit.

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Putters right next to the Joel is a good place for drinks and food. Great wings , steaks and more.

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May check this place out, always looking for great wings and beer

I’ll 2nd Putters. Good place.

I know he will be too busy, but would be cool for Hill and Healy to make it the game.

I won’t be surprised if we win this one. A lot of things started clicking in that Charleston game, against a likely tourney team in their house where they haven’t lost in 20 games. Coach is starting to run another offensive set and the guys are starting to get the pack line working. I think we’ll start seeing more and more improvement each game we play.

clt bets we win by 4

Sounds good. Hope we hit some 3s.

I’ll be at this one, bought some crappy uppers for $2/each last week just in case I couldn’t make it. If you’re an AD and your basketball tickets sell for $2 a piece for your games, it’s time to fire your coach.

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Face value on my Niner season tix is $3.

3 > 2

season tickets usually are less than individual purchases.


clt says this is fake news, wake is in the ACC and everygame is sold out