WBTV Spring Practice Update 4-17


Appears Chris Reynolds may have emerged as the primary challenger to Klugh in the Spring.


I was able to go out and watch a practice where there was a good deal of scrimmaging, and Chris Reynolds did the best of all the quarterbacks out there that day. So, I’m not surprised by that statement. He appeared to get the most run with the 1st team that day.


That’s crazy that he’s emerged as one of the top contenders. Granted I don’t follow our fball recruiting as close as I used to, but I had never even heard of Reynolds until seeing these posts. I figured aside from Klugh, that Roof, Braden, Sherifs(sp?), or Pope were our main contenders for qb. It sounds like we ma have gotten an under the radar gem, which is awesome.


I remember when Klugh outplayed Olsen and everyone thought we had a gem too.


Sherriffs and Pope are not on campus yet.


Sherriffs is on campus, just not practicing.


From what I saw that day, IMHO, it was Reynolds, Klugh, Roof, Thompson, and then Barden (in order of performance that day). As a disclaimer, all I saw was that one practice and this is based off of my opinion. I was expecting Barden to look better than he did, but it just seemed he was consistently late on making decisions and passing the ball. He may be thinking entirely too much still with the new offense. Reynolds looked the most comfortable, and made the quickest decisions out there that day.


If you watch some of Chris Reynolds Hudl footage, he wasn’t a bad player in HS. I’m not sure why he didn’t get any offers out of HS though, maybe because of his height? I’m glad he is rising and showing he has skills that the coaches like. It will be interesting to see how things work out this Saturday. I’m looking forward to seeing new faces on the field and how well the players have adjusted to the new defensive/offensive schemes.


Amazing that a 5’10" walk on could be our starting qb but the kid was really good in high school and can move with a good arm. These things happen.


I’m glad to hear he’s balling out like this, definitely gives us something to keep an eye on at the Spring Game.


Size and arm strength I would guess. Super family though that own a little Irish pub in Mocksville. Glad to see he is making the most of his opportunity.

I believe his best receiver was injured most of his senior year so his numbers weren’t as good as they should’ve been. Huge drop off from Chris to their QB last season.

His younger brother was also on varsity as a freshman Chris’ senior year and seems to be fairly athletic as well. May be one to keep an eye on in a few years.


It would be cool if one of the local TV stations would air our Spring game.


His senior year, he put us (AL Brown) out in the 2nd round of the 4A playyoffs and I remember Mike Newsome absolutely raving about him. I can’t remember exact quotes but he talked about his play making ability and how even when we had the play basically stopped he kept the play going and would hit us with big plays. I just remember Newsome sounding impressed and almost like there was nothing we could do to stop him…and we had a stout defense that year as well. I think they beat us 38-19. They scored more points on us than anyone that year…and we played Vance, Hough and Mallard Creek in the MECKA 4A Conference.

Can’t believe he didn’t get any offers…sounded like he was legit.


clt says we begin a new era without Riley.


Guess I’ll put this here. Cameron Blvd by the on-campus light rail station will be partially closed Saturday from 7 AM to 3 PM, if you’re coming in that way.


This may be a silly question but is there a specific time that we can start tailgating at?


Technically, 2 PM, but that’s not enforced.


That’s what I was thinking too. Thank you for the information.


clt asks if you can bring a cooler and grill on the light rail?


What is the deal on tickets and parking? Ticket Return for the tickets? Park wherever you can find a spot? I have not heard anything about the ticket packages going out.