We need to destroy IU!

This is from when we played at Indiana in our VERY down year, regardless a coach never should make comments like this…

"I was so disappointed in our inside players and their approach to the game,’’ Davis said. ``You play a team like Charlotte, a team we should beat by 25, and we come out with no fight. I wanted to make a statement today that if you’re not playing hard, you’re coming out.’’

Here is the link: IU Charlotte 1.4.03

I know Coach Lutz remembers this comment, maybe we go in there and get Mike Davis fired.

[i]Originally posted by Charlotte2002[/i]@Dec 19 2004, 10:28 PM [b] .....maybe we go in there and get Mike Davis fired. [/b]
We'll have to play better than we did today. We looked flat. I assume it was because of exams, the week off, the opponent, Christmas break, the small size of the crowd, etc. I bet our team comes out fired up on Wednesday.... especially if coach shows them the quote from Davis.

Someone needs to print that out and show it to the players

I’m fired up after reading this quote.

That quote just shows me how little Mike Davis knows about college hoops. My bet is that he has no idea we made the tournament last year except after reading the pre-game press release. Pi, are you Mike Davis? :lol:

i really hope somone prints that quote out and shows it to the team. seriously thats some nice extra motivation