"We prepared well [for ECU]" - Coach Sanchez

I’ve never seen Healy look happy after a loss, he doesn’t throw a fit but you can tell it eats him up inside. Even when we lose to someone like Clemson where you have no realistic shot of winning.

Maybe Sanchez plays it closer to the vest, no one on the board knows what he’s thinking or saying to the guys in the locker room. It’s frustrating as a fan to feel there is a disconnect. Preaching about learning the system is fine for the first two years when we have a bare roster, but at some point you gotta show something.

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It’s upto Sanchez to show us he isn’t Alan Major 2.0

So far, I don’t see it.

I believe the history of Charlotte-ECU hoops is drastically different than todays environment.

There is quite a drastic gap between the level of AAC bball & CUSA.

Maybe Ecu goes undefeated and this loss isn’t all that bad.

Games like this are so frustrating because in a lot of our minds we should at least be the 5th best basketball school in the state behind the ACC schools and at times we should be better than that. Like others have already said the lack of energy or frustration from Sanchez after the game just makes it appear that he doesn’t understand this. Sure the AAC is a much better conference but with our basketball history there is no excuse for us losing the way we have the last 2 seasons to a school that historically couldn’t care less about basketball. If we’re not going to take these games seriously & look at them as big games that are very important to our fans, recruiting & the local perception of our program we need to quit scheduling them. They do more harm than good.

I don’t expect Sanchez to lose his $hit in the post game after first game of the season unless we had gotten blown out or something. That’s clearly not his personality as much as some may want it to be. I expect we’ll bounce back Friday. I am not going to call the hiring of Sanchez a failure or Major 2.0 at this point. Lets see how the rest of the season pans out (and no I am not happy to lose to ECU for the second year in a row…hate it).

"Let me give all due respect to ECU and coach Dooley, they played well tonight. With that being said I’m incredibly disappointed in this loss. We looked flat on defense and lacked energy overall. We had a short time to prepare for ECU and we didn’t prepare well enough and some of that is on me and my staff. We have a lot of things to work on if we are going to compete for a Conference USA championship which is my goal. "

That was my proposed reaction; I still think most people would have found this acceptable. It’s certainly not losing your shit. There is a way to convey disappointment and acknowledge your fanbase’s expectations without being over the top. Instead he seemed perfectly fine with the result.

I agree with you on letting the season play out, but man, after people have been waiting for months, Coach sure seemed completely oblivious in the postgame.

I’m listening to Chris “Meltdown” Mooney give a long interview about Richmond’s victory at Kentucky this past weekend and trying not to get jealous or let excuses reverberate in my head.

We are all numb to the last 10+ years of MBB and every time we think this might finally be the year, our team comes out and falls flat on its face. Then seems to be apathetic to the whole thing. Just an irritating start. Maybe by mid January things will be rosier, but it seems we can’t get out of our own way sometimes.


I miss having a watchable basketball team. How many decades ago?