"We prepared well [for ECU]" - Coach Sanchez

In his post game he actually said this. We looked rusty, totally lost, soft and sloppy on both ends of the court and were solidly beat by ECU, a team we have never lost to at home as long as I’ve been alive. This is a really frightening statement if this is his approach to our program.

I’m not calling for anyone’s head, but if he views what happened last night as anything but unacceptable then he is probably never going to get us where we wanna go. This program can’t afford two or three more years of mediocrity only to reboot with another coach that will get 5 years. Our fan base will be old or dead. He needs to be more respectful to the program and demand more and do better or else we are totally screwed.


clt says we seemed winded during their run. Timeout time?

I think this was taken a little out of context, he was asked about not having much time to prepare for ECU.

BUT we gotta turn this thing around quick, or year 4 might be the curtain call

Ron " just thankful to be here" Sanchez. He and Major should form a support group to uplift the players and the dues we must pay to the BB powers that be.

That comment went over like a fart in church

Take a breath. It’s one game.

Georgia State will be a test as well. They have scored over 100 points each of their first two games and beat Georgia Tech

Just FYI though, believe Mercer beat GT by 10 last night. 83-73. That GT team is not good. They’re gonna get blasted in conference play.

Sanchez = Alan Major 2.0

Many saw this coming. Phil should NOT have been allowed to get involved.

Phi didn’t it was all Hill. In fact Phil has to sign off on this remotely as he wasn’t around when offer was made.

Coaching hires are a crap shoot. Taking the top assistant from one of the best programs in the country seems like a good call to me.

If Hill hits 50% on revenue coaching hires, that’s a pretty good ratio.

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Taking the LEAD assistant from top program is a solid move. The Major move was a down the bench assistant on the bench at a top program.


Actually it’s more like 15 years…

Sanchez has been here 15 years? Did not know that.
Actually your point and mine are not that far apart. I’m just saying that maybe Ron could be cut some slack, seeing as how this is the very beginning of his third year after inheriting the mess he did. Not to mention that he hasn’t had time to integrate the new players, which even in a normal year is a slow process. Slower when you lose practice time to Covid concerns.

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Your comment was “it’s one game” my comment back is it hasn’t been “one game” it’s been 15 years of shittiness, we seem to have enough arguing with each other on the board here so I’ll leave it be… like most on here I’m sick of sucking in basketball, I think we can both agree on that. Its bad we have to make more excuses why it looks like we are going to be shitty for year 16

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Translation for we prepared well is we haven’t recruited well

Your presumption that a bad opening preordains a bad season is incorrect, sir.

Neither one of you are wrong. Everyone is just tired of what this program has become. We do need to let this season play out, but Sanchez could help himself in the meantime with better comments. Honestly, he sounded like we had just played an exhibition game.

So many of us (like the three of us) still remember what the culture around our program was like. We had high expectations and when we didn’t meet them, people were angry. I guess the good news is that we still have people capable of getting mad over a bad loss. The last 15 years have really, really sucked.


I don’t think Sanchez realizes our history or how embarrassing this is. I think he sees a loss to a mediocre AAC team and just shrugs and thinks that’s okay. That’s horrifying to me. Losing one game isn’t the worst thing in the world, but the demeanor from our coach is frankly disturbing. All smiles. Like we were a DIII team that got to host a big AAC school or something.

"Let me give all due respect to ECU and coach Dooley, they played well tonight. With that being said I’m incredibly disappointed in this loss. We looked flat on defense and lacked energy overall. We had a short time to prepare for ECU and we didn’t prepare well enough and some of that is on me and my staff. We have a lot of things to work on if we are going to compete for a Conference USA championship which is my goal. "

Had he said this there would be a lot fewer frustrated fans.