we should have picked this guy up

Henry Bekkering. he is the poo.

What the hell is so special about a guy who only score 7.5 ppg in the Big Sky Conf?

clt? any reason why you think we should have gone after this guy?

watch his dunks. he will sell tickets.

[i]Originally posted by cltniners[/i]@Dec 18 2004, 09:53 PM [b] watch his dunks. he will sell tickets. [/b]
i'd love to, but seeing as how he plays for eastern washington, i doubt he will be getting any airtime on sports center


try to remember that he is white.

damn that dude can sky

absolutely sick


The 2005 Mix Tape Tour Champ right there. Impressive.

[i]Originally posted by cltniners[/i]@Dec 19 2004, 01:12 AM [b] try to remember that he is white. [/b]
damn, I could have sworn he was albino :huh:




Why would the 49ers want him? He dunks, therefore likely doesn’t shoot 3-pointers. :lol:

Holy Crap…that was impressive…

LOL holy CRAP! That white boy has one sick vertical! Better yet, he’s Canadian.

Here’s some game footage: http://hooplife.ca/viewclip.asp?clipid=5

He gets abused by crossovers but he was burying threes and still had 39 points. At the end of the clip, he goes baseline for a sick left-handed jam.

the dunk at the end of that clip was NASTY

noner of the vids are working for me . . . any help?

Got Quicktime?

i wonder who all recruited him