What was the niner’s FT percentage. About 10%. They deserve to lose this game and many more. Plav can’t shoot FT’s and lutz can’t coach his way out of a paper bag.

We don’t suck.
I think you’re overreacting. The loss really sucks, but, things aren’t that bad.
Don’t be sad.

Yes don’t be sad TM, be Happy!

I’m happy that we suck and that our coach sucks and that our starting shooting guard sucks. yes, I’m happy.

Will someone please tell me why Plavich can’t hit a free throw? I honestly think he could shoot a better percentage from half court.

how about this, please tell me why Plav is in the game when it’s an obvious foul situation.

[i]Originally posted by tm49er[/i]@Dec 5 2004, 12:03 AM [b] how about this, please tell me why Plav is in the game when it's an obvious foul situation. [/b]
once again.. i truly believe this.. bobby really has a hard time bringing a Chris Sager or Goldwire off the bench to replace PLavich at an end of game situation when free throws are critical. Goldwire showed he can hit his free throws last game, but its actually have the balls to go to a freshmen and sit the senior down.. sometimes it has to be done.. its prolly the toughest coaching decision to make.. plavich looks as if he is confident on his ft's and bobby just believes he will hit them.. i dont know where he gets this confidence from... he hasn't shown anything during the season..