Wearing Niner gear to games

I always people not wearing Niner gear or at least Niner green to games and I can’t figure out why. If you are at the game to support the Niners, you would wear anything else? To me it only makes sense to help support the team with your presence as well as your attire.

I have never attended NC State nor have I ever been that big of a fan, but I have been to a few of their football games with friends. When I have gone to these games I always wear a Wolfpack shirt or red that matches. I don’t even own a red shirt, so I just borrow one from one of the guys I go with. No one tells me I have to do it and I am not a big enough fan to buy one, it just seems like that is what I should do. It’s not really even a conscious decision. I just ask someone for a shirt and that is that. Part of it is out of respect for the other fans and also the team. Another part is so that I am not the guy who has to answer questions like, “WTF are you wearing?” or have all the REAL fans around me think, “That douche bag is supporting another team here?” or “That f** is making our whole section look bad.” The point is that I CAN wear whatever I want, but it is just pointless and senseless.

I guess if you completely forget that you are attending a 49er sporting event or you have somehow forgot to bring an extra 49er hat or shirt to change into on your way from work, or wherever, to the game, that is fine, everyone makes mistakes. This is a sporting event and your chance to best represent your school and your team by wearing as much Niner gear as you can, but some people would rather wear a University of South Carolina hat so they can have ‘COCKS’ written across their heads or wear some other color besides the school’s colors. I think it is borderline ridiculous to wear something that supports another school.

Again, you CAN wear whatever you want, but what is the point? It just doesn’t make sense. As a courtesy to other fans, your school, and the team, just sits in the upper deck if you want to wear that other crap. No, no one will make you do anything you don’t want to do and hopefully no one is going to fight you over it, but it would be nice if you could contribute to the atmosphere a little more with more appropriate attire for a sporting event.

Anyway, I need to stop because this is getting too long and I could go all night. This is just MY opinion so please don’t try to hunt me down and kill me for it.

if you for soe reason attended unc would you wear their gear, I sure as hell wouldn’t.

Some students/alums have an inferiority complex. They obviously would rather be somewhere else, but can’t. Poor bastards.
I love my school and OUR teams. It’s like family. An ALMA MATER, if you will. Half of my “wardrobe” is NINER stuff. Hmmmm…what’s MY problem? Arrested development? GO NINERS!! DEATH TO THE INFIDEL NON-NINER APPAREL WEARERS!!!


that brings a tear to clt’s eye

I feel if there was better gear available, more people would wear it. I’m quilty of not wering my Niner gear to every game. I will try to do a better of this going forward.

I really liked the Goldduster that I saw wearing a “Carolina” shirt – as in the University of South Carolina! Geez… :rolleyes:

We were upstairs ‘pre-gaming it’ when two highschool aged kids asked to sit at our table…we had no problem with that, but one of the kids was wearing a Carolina hat. I was tempted to say something but just decided to ignore him. Then I see him sitting on the floor next to the niners bench directly infront of the student section. What a disgrace! If i were still a student and some pimple faced punk got better seats then me AND was wearing UNC gear, I’d pull an Artest and start rumbling in the seats! Complete and utter disrespect for our program!!
Who gives these people some of the best seats in the arena then lets them wear that crap!?! :cuss:

There was a female student sitting behind the band last night with a light blue Carolina sweatshirt on as well. 49erAlumnus and I both commented on it.

The real question I have of some of the fans that wear other teams gear is who would they honestly pull for if Charlotte played them. I counted 3 people wearing Duke gear last night at the game, one guy who I know has openly said he wouldn’t pull for Charlotte if they played Duke. I don’t have a problem with an occasional hat or shirt from another school but some guys are wearing Duke Shirt and Hat or UNC hat and shirt.

[i]Originally posted by HP49er[/i]@Dec 2 2004, 09:34 AM [b] There was a female student sitting behind the band last night with a light blue Carolina sweatshirt on as well. 49erAlumnus and I both commented on it. [/b]
Yeah, I saw her too. I wanted to go up there and say something but thought better of it.


First of all we need to get rid of all the infidels that show up at the games without niner gear. Lets start at the top. Coach Lutz and his staff should not be allowed in the arena, nor should the athletic director. Ditto for the guys walking around with clipboards, and those who seem to wander aimlessly, in some official capacity.
Then we need to get rid of the infidels who drive 60-90 miles who could stop at schools like Winthrop, Davidson, Pfiefer and Belmont Abby. Those dinky little schools might appreciate the infidels. We certainly don’t need them. Some of them are closer to Wake, USC and the triad teams anyway.
Anyone who buys a season ticket of plunks down a paltry fee to belong to the 49er club should have to sign an agreement to wear the proper clothes to the game, and recieve thier pass to bypass the line to be checked by the Clothes Police. And by no means should we tolerate in the club who expects to recieve what is advertised. They are most certainly infidels.
Adopt a no tolerance rule, and never ask if someone received another schools item as a gift, or if they are paying off a lost game wager.
Obviously, anyone who can walk around without sporting a name on thier chest or head is a poor bastard with an inferiority complex. Can them.
Don’t accept any lame excuses like “My Charlotte shirts are dirty. I wear them around town”, or “I’m on a limited budget and spend my sports money on tickets for my family”.
Once we get rid of all those infidels, there will be nothing but good seats for real supporters of the niners. Go for it

Gamer…you are the prototypical ham-n-egger. I have no problem with you or anyone else supporting UNCCH. If you were to go to one of their games, what would you wear???..your tarheels hat. If you go to a Panthers game, what would you wear???..you Panthers hat/jersey/sweatshirt/etc. So why would you come to a Niners game and not wear a Niners shirt/hat/etc. Or if you don’t have any gear, odds are you still have A green or white shirt. So why not at least wear that? I understand that you probably wear your Tarheels hat out of spite now and that’s sad.

And before you ask…

Ham-n-egger; adj. - words to describe an individual who is subpar in all facets of life but doesn’t seem to realize their limitations whether it be socially, athletically, or common sense wise.

[i]Originally posted by HP49er[/i]@Dec 2 2004, 10:34 AM [b] There was a female student sitting behind the band last night with a light blue Carolina sweatshirt on as well. 49erAlumnus and I both commented on it. [/b]
Somehow it doesn't surprise me that you and Nick were scouring the student section for hotties.........got any pic? B) :D

Al, Nick and I are trying to come up with funding to have “DUSTERS” placed on the dance team’s pants, just like the Cajuns did on theirs. :stuck_out_tongue:

listen punk. clt did not authorize you to use infidel. you will stop now.

[i]Originally posted by Southern Pines N Da House[/i]@Dec 2 2004, 10:52 AM [b] Agent Smith....YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE GAME BEFORE YOU START TRYING TO THINK ABOUT WHAT TYPE OF GEAR TO WEAR AT THE GAME. [/b]
Yeah what's up with that, Agent Smith???

Honestly though gamer, why do you wear UNC-Chapel Mill stuff to the games?

At the risk of starting a fight and my wife beginning divorce procedings, every time I see anyone at our games who appear to be “supporters, fans or students” of Charlotte, I’m going to say to them “INFIDEL!” and just walk on by. If we all did that, OH what would happen then? Probably, nothing but what fun that would be!

May I suggest you direct your remarks to an empty seat, rather than causing another one.