Welcome Niner Fans!

Hope everyone made it over here okay and please feel free to spread the word about this site to all your fellow Niner fans!

This setup is very user-friendly so most of you should be able to breeze right through the transition. However, if you have any problems, please feel free to contact one of the Administrators. You can do so via PM or in the NinerNation Feedback Forum which was set up for your questions, comments, complaints and praises. Please try to contain all posts pertaining to the site itself within this forum

Also, with a new site comes new avatars/signatures. As always, please use the NinerNation Test Forum to experiment with all your images and such. If linking a site,image, email address, etc., you can simply use the automatic code tags that you’ll see above the post box. If you are still having trouble with a signature, please contact an Admin, via PM for help. Just as a FYI: avatars must NOT exceed 128 x 128 or 18000KB. If you are getting an error, please check the properties of your avatar image for the size. If you need a particular image resized, please PM me and I can downsize it to the required measurements.

The forums are pretty much the same as they were on cusa-talk.com but you will notice a few news ones. There is now a Niners Recruiting Forum and a Recruiting News forum. The first one will be used as it was on the old site for discussing, contributing and researching Niner recruits. The Recruiting News forum should be used for any important announcements regarding a recruit. Any post made in this particular forum can/will be directly linked to the homepage as a news item

You’ll also see a Who Needs Football? forum and a Charlotte Name Change forum. The subtitles explain the purpose of these two forums and discussing these topics on the Charlotte 49ers Sports forum is not encouraged. And there are some pro sports forums, as well as some non-sports related forums that you may find interesting and useful.

There are a ton of other things that I could go over but most of it is stuff you will all pick up on right away like the cool Arcade feature. So with that said, I hope you enjoy the site and once again, please contact an Admin via PM or Feedback Forum for any issues you may have.

One other point of interest I’d like to make is that NinerMac has given his time and money to establish a site that 49er fans can call home for discussing the University and athletic program. As you can see, there are NO annoying banners or popups on this site, as was the case at cusa-talk.com. This is simply because Mac has chosen to fully fund the site out of his own pocket and not rely on advertising which is incredibly annoying for the users of the site. On the left side of the NinerNation.Net Homepage you will be able to find a block for contributions to help keep the site afloat. You can simply click on the logo to access PayPal and make any donation you would like, year round. Donations are not required for you to use this site and no set amount is expected for those who choose to help us out. But the link will remain there and hopefully you will consider it as a tip jar so that Mac doesn’t have to carry the load, on top of all he does for the site itself. And we’re also looking into possibly selling some NinerNation.net merchandise that all of you will really enjoy. And 100% of the money will go only towards funding this site, with any excess being contributed directly to the Charlotte Athletic Foundation.

Thanks and enjoy the site!


Thankx for the Arcade games. PacMan rules. :smiley:

Thanks jcl.