Welcome OL Coach Rossomando

You’ll have to forgive me if I wait til next year to be excited about this hire. 3 schools in three years doesn’t give me a whole bunch of confidence we won’t be playing this game next spring too.

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Haven’t you heard? It’s a good thing when coaches leave after a year. Just kidding.

I don’t think it was by choice was it? Rutgers made a HC change after 2019 so he went to Vandy. Vandy just made a HC change after 2020 so he came to CLT.

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I agree. Can’t imagine anyone goes to Vandy OL coach by choice.

In fairness, Hand was at Vandy when Healy met him.

This guy has head coaching experience which is a positive.

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Can anyone confirm if Coach Rossomando is still on our staff?


They don’t leave until we get excited about them, so he’s still here.