Well I hope no one got a black eye.

Something is going on with this team. That is way too far of a free fall.

Lutz and his teams play better when they are overachieving underdogs. Put the spotlight on us and we scatter like a bunch of roaches on the kitchen counter when the lights come on.

I think Bobby’s seen it happening but doesn’t know how to stop the bleeding. First he recognized Iti’s worthlessness and started playing E.J. and Nance more.I think he saw a few games ago that Mitch wasn’t the same player,for whatever reason,and started giving Lee more minutes.Plavich…well…I don’;t know what Lutz can do…he kills us defensively,and when he’s cold…he just keeps shooting…that hasn’t worked as much lately as earlier this season.I said as recently as last week…we are a somewhat above average team(tho I know we didn’t look that tonight) but we have a lot of holes. Those holes have been pretty well exposed lately…some might call them craters!