We're hosting the Bahamas Bowl aka Famous Toastery Bowl!





We should totally treat this like a 7th home game and do the full tailgate/game experience.


You know I think I’ll go to that, will be cool seeing a bowl there


Not sure the fans of the teams in the bowl will be thrilled to forgo a trip to the Bahamas to come to Charlotte. I’m guessing attendance will be anybody’s guess. I find this humorous.

I see both sides of it, the Bahamas Bowl experience (sans the game) was awesome for me. It is expensive and lot of effort though too. It’d be much easier attending a bowl in Charlotte.

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It has to be cheaper and easier than going to the Bahamas though.

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Hey, if Wallace Wade can host the Rose Bowl, then we can do the Bahamas Bowl.


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clt says we can host a bowl game, but not a hs school championship?


Hell maybe I will bring the ambulance to tailgate it regardless of who it is playing.


clt loves the under in this game.

When I said last week that they should move it here, I was kidding.

Too funny.

You know, there are other schools who host bowl games. This stadium is going to see improvements and increased capacity. Might be a good opportunity to audition for a bowl. Extra revenue and all that.

I would definitely attend and tailgate for this if I wasn’t out of town that weekend. Oh well.

Edit: Nevermind, I saw the 16th online but that tweet says the 18th. Maybe I can swing taking that Monday off.

My initial thoughts exactly. This could lead to a permanent/different bowl game here.

Our stadium is the perfect size for this type of bowl game. I might go if the ticket prices are reasonable and the weather isn’t terrible. For most G5 fans getting to Charlotte is way easier and cost effective than traveling to Nassau Bahamas on short notice. At least you can drive here. Hotel rates are very affordable in UCity.

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I bet the weather will be better here than it was for our bowl game in Bahamas.
We actually got lucky game day.

Off topic from the Bahama bowl, but regarding HS (since it was brought up), how many games have been played here? My high school did once when I was a sophomore but am clueless of any others that may have happened.

I am already thinking - blow up palm trees, turn bar into tiki, beach play list, rum drinks - like it, fun tailgate on a monday.


If I go to the Bahamas Bowl I’m wearing Charlotte gear.

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  • no
  • wait until lutz responds
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clt asks if you plan to tailgate and boo both teams?