were ranked 19th in cbs sportsline

Niners jump Duke and state

How you like that acc?

old news. that came out a good while ago, thanks for sharing though

That one should be updated today, though. We’ll see where we stand then.

They haven’t voted on new rankings though. So it is old.

I can understand the confusion. It looks to me like it was updated at 10:25 this morning and states that it is updated on Mondays. They probably just updated the team results and upcoming games portion of the old poll.

I must say that in retrospect, their poll is closer to accurate than the AP or ESPN polls with respect to Kansas and North Carolina. There will definitely be some movement tonight based on some upsets and near misses.

[b]How you like that acc? [/b]

I’m doubting the ACC gives a flying burrito. Maybe you best worry about those Big East powers ? :smiley:


I think this hype really got to everybodys head. The fans, players, and coaches.

^^^ Damn and your only in your second game… And Lefty No…you wouldn’t “win big” over NC State.

A long standing tradition of Charlotte is to get close to the top 25, then back away. If you get into the big list, they fuggup quickly.