what happened......

…to metro?

put your theories here.

he got sick of people bagging on him when he tried to toe the line of giving info and getting his sources in trouble.

It was all a conspiracy. There never was a Metro, it was just the MAN trying to keep you down.

The Mets signed him to a 5-year deal.

he permanently moved to a tropical island to spend the rest of his life with Barbara Boxer.

he’s the new HC

[quote=“J Felt, post:1, topic:22979”]…to metro?

put your theories here.[/quote]

He came out of retirement to help the team. And, his first game was at USC Upstate. We beat them 10-8. Go Niners ! ! !

He just decided to use his “Ace” account more.

^ Winner.

he was one of the only posters on this board that had any true insight

some of the posters here ran him off.

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= melodramatic