What is happening here?

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What are they building in that huge area in between Mallard Creek Ch. and John Kirk? I drive by there almost daily and I haven’t seen any signs describing the construction site. I know they’ve been working since before the spring semester ended to install new sidewalks along side John Kirk but this is something else all together.

edit: never mind… I think I may have answered my own question. That’ll be the location for the new rec fields correct?

new intramural fields.

Gabrielle Union fan?


hah SteauA where have you been!!?? :stuck_out_tongue:


hah SteauA where have you been!!?? :p[/quote]

I knew there were gonna be IM fields somewhere in the area. I guess I just didn’t put the two thoughts together in my head until today. When are those supposed to be complete?


hah SteauA where have you been!!?? :p[/quote]

I knew there were gonna be IM fields somewhere in the area. I guess I just didn’t put the two thoughts together in my head until today. When are those supposed to be complete?[/quote]

I think early next year----in time for construction to begin on the Football Stadium and Complex at the “old” intramural fields (ie; site of new stadium).

They used to have the site plan for this on the facilities website, but I can’t find it. I have it in pdf form.


[font=Arial][size=15px]The project will provide an outdoor student recreational facilities on a 24-acre site on the north side of campus. Located at the southeast intersection of John Kirk Drive and Mallard Creek Church Road, the project would construct a multi-field, multi-use facility that will include field lighting, a 1,600 square foot restroom/storage building, a 215-space parking area serving the fields, central campus, and a shuttle stop.[/size][/font]

I read elsewhere, can’t find a link, that it’s going to have artificial turf too.[/size][size=1pt][/size][size=15px]

would be sweet if they did the fields with field turf.

My source tells me it will actually be a Tyrannosaurus paddock.

Your source?

I heard a rumor that it would be covered in artificial turf. I can’t remember where I heard it though.

Found the link I was thinking of re: artificial turf: https://secure.uncc.edu/FileManager/sites/bot/public.cfm?file=2010%20Board%20Meetings\5-10-10%20Board%20Meeting\Facilities%20and%20Physical%20Properties%20Committee\Tab%20J-FPPC%202010%20Capital%20Projects%20update%204-29-2010-Tab%20J.docx (Word 2007 doc)


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This request is for the construction of a new multi-field, multi-use facility for student recreation. The facility will include field lighting, a restroom and storage building, and a 215-space parking area.


May 2009 Woolpert has received comments from both the State Construction Office and the Department of Insurance for the schematic design/design development plans. Woolpert is working on the construction documents. Project is approximately two months behind schedule.

September 2009 Advertised to prequalify acceptable contractors. Currently evaluating 35 qualification packages. Bidding to take place late September. Designer is working to finalize the bid package.

November 2009 Staff pre-qualified eight firms. A pre-bid meeting on site is to be conducted in mid-November with bids to be received on December 3. The project is now eight months behind schedule primarily due the designer not maintaining acceptable progress. Staff has apprised Woolpert, Inc. of their shortfall.

December 2009 Prequalified bid packages were opened on December 3. The apparent low bidder is Shelco Construction with a total bid (including all the alternates) of $2.9M out of an estimated $3.5M construction cost. The alternates, which were accepted due to favorable bids, include field lighting and sod for the fields (allowing the fields to be playable by Fall 2010).

March 2010 Construction contract with Shelco has been executed. The preconstruction meeting and notice to proceed will occur on March 10, 2010, with construction starting shortly thereafter. We expect an eleven month construction schedule.

April 2010 Construction has begun with most of the clearing and erosion control completed. Some unexpected site conditions (unsuitable soils, old barn foundation and miscellaneous concrete) have been found on-site. Contractor is expecting to have work completed late Fall 2010. Modification of the playing surface from natural turf to artificial is under design. Construction is on schedule.