What is the level of success needed to extend Fearnes contract after the season?

I am curious to know from the fan base what constitutes Fearne receiving a contract extension after the season

If Fearne wins on the same level as Sanchez last year, are we going to sign him to a multi-year deal on the hope that he recruits “his guys”, and implements his system

Does a regular season record of 17-13 or 18-12 overall, .500 or below in conference play convince the fan base that he is our best prospect moving forward?

Does Fearne need to win multiple games in the AAC conference tournament, or a CBI invite and deep run?

The argument is going to be that this is a team assembled by Sanchez, to play a Sanchez system and that Fearne needs time to recruit players that fit into his system

Are we as a fan base willing to gamble the next 3-4 years in basketball based upon this argument? Is he our best option with Richey and McCollum available?

Are we going to let the players influence the decision because they like playing for Fearne?

Will we stick with Fearne because it is the best decision financially?

Obviously, we need to see how the rest of the season plays out, but I am not seeing anything so far that makes me want to extend Fearne over seeking the services of a Richey or McCollum type of candidate, so far I dont think that Fearne has won/lost any game that Sanchez would have won/lost

For me, top 4 finish in league.

I worry more about Fearnes recruiting ability than I do his actual coaching ability.


Whatever the threshold, and the ultimate decision is, Hill should be feeling immense pressure to either get this right or know he will be shown the door. This should not be a place to come for 10,15 years and have zero winners in the only sports average Joe cares about.

I think he has to be top 4 to get serious consideration. Only a NCAA appearance makes contract extension a lock. We said interim so we could go through a regular cycle. If we extend and make him perm without doing a search and due diligence on other candidates then I’ll be upset. If Mike misses on this hire then Biff needs to be going 10-2.

Extend Fearne now.

Hill has proven he will not hire an experienced up and coming coach or a retread that was successful in the past.

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clt says this needs a poll!

No. Big no

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2nd big no from me.

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It will be interesting to see how he gets the team put back together after the loss at Duke. I think the next 10 games, rest of non conference and beginning of AAC play, will tell the tale on whether he has a chance to be our Head Coach.
If he does extremely well, I think it might make sense to sign him and thus allow him to recruit HS kids to the program.

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I think we are making this harder than it has to be.

No extension before end of season.

Normal coaching search at end of season in which Fearne can compete for the job.

If he’s the best available then he gets the job. If not then he doesn’t.

Being the interim coach does not give him an inside lane to the job in my mind.

This is an opportunity to hire the best coach available and we need to do what’s best for our athletic department and not let any heartstrings be tugged. We need to be aggressive in our search for the best we can find.


If Fearne is the best available after our 2nd coaching search then we need to kill the program immediately.

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There are definitely better coaches available, but Hill will hire someone you never heard of and spin it about how great the hire is.

I am willing to bet if Fearne is not here next year, he will be the better coach than the one we hired.


This might be fair. Nine games in we are one game over .500. Barring a much more successful remainder of the season, if he’s the best choice we probably aren’t even trying. I want to give him a fair shake and he’s doing better than I thought but we have got to get someone in who can right the ship and quickly.

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finish with a winning conference record and win 2 games in the aac tourney. I dont want to invest a lot in a possible one hit wonder. not saying he is but I want to play it safe this time.

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If we dance, ok, keep him. If we’re legit top 3 in this league, ok.

But from what I’ve seen, this is not the direction. Need to move on. Mike hill making the hire scares me though.

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Play it safe by bringing in a retread coach that got fired somewhere else?
Or play it safe by promoting a lower level coach to AAC and hope he can make it happen ?

I have not seen a name yet that tells me instant winner and game changer for us.


There is no guarantee in hiring. Just have to pick best guy we can afford and hope.


He will get extended if he can get to over .500 in conference during the season, 1-0 or 2-1 may do it…

Dont think administration would want to take on any additional risk to go out to the market on hoops until football situation is stabilized. A 3 win football team probably doesnt merit spending on the bball program.

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Interesting take.

So you think if Fearne puts together a respectable season Hill keeps him rather than rolling the dice on a new coach.


I see the logic but it’s seems like a big risk when he has the opportunity to grab a higher upside coach.

Could it be that they are going to funnel money from the basketball staff to the football staff and they have to go with lower cost coach’s in basketball?