What #'s Withers Will Need-All American

Obviously, I believe that Curt can make the top 15 players in America list–especially considering the fact that some of the guys being projected now can’t carry Withers’ jock. I guess my question is simply, what kind of #"s is Curt going to have to put up to garner the national attention of the sportswriters to make All-American. I remember Demarco from back in the day and he got decent national press prior to his senior year, but nothing close to what Curt is getting this year entering his junior year.

I think that Curt and the team could giantly benefit from #3 having an All-American worthy season. Just to throw some #'s out there, I am guessing that he’ll need averages around 20 pts., and 10-12 boards per game. I think that he can definitely do this, but he does need to be go-to guy to achieve those scoring #'s. I think that he will be, b/c Plav and Eddie are going to get their shots regardless. Withers will get his looks as his added muscle should gurantee him a few more pts. a game as well as a few more boards.

Here’s hoping Curt can do it. He, and the team for that matter, are on the writers’ radar this year. I just hope that the Niners can justify the press that we have finally gotten this preseason. See you on Friday at Halton!!

“Man, that dude couldn’t even get around me. We had those guys scared. Demarco was handling Jamison like he was his b*tch.” - Sean Colson talking about Ed Cota, March 1998 after the Niners NCAA heartbreaker to the Heels, he sat directly behind me in Biology class…classic stuff

[i]Originally posted by jbpfeen[/i]@Nov 15 2004, 12:25 AM [b] "Man, that dude couldn't even get around me. We had those guys scared. Demarco was handling Jamison like he was his b*tch." - Sean Colson talking about Ed Cota, March 1998 after the Niners NCAA heartbreaker to the Heels [/b]
ROFL!!! thats hilarious.

As for the Withers pub, honestly it doesn’t matter to me if he gets hyped or not, as long as the team produces on the court like they are capable of doing, nothing else matters.

I remember Demarco’s senior year, I believe he was preseason C-USA player of the year but other than that neither he nor Sean got any respect from the press (I hated that). I remember games when they were both putting up 30 points, Demarco would have about 11 rebounds and Colson would have 8 - 10 assists (I think he even had like 16 in a game against Houston). Granted, we weren’t playing the same level of opponent we are now but those are good numbers no matter who you play. Man, I miss those two. Love the quote, jbp!!

Now back on topic;
I would think 20 & 12 (as well as being a little more consistent then last year) would get Withers on and All-American team. C-USA has got a lot of good players and good teams this year - numbers like that should be noticed. Withers is definitely getting a lot of press, glad to see it, hopefully it’s a sign that people are starting to take notice of the '9ers.

Though I’m admittedly very much a team first fan, I think Curt needs the team to do well to make AA this year. Nothing else will put him in the spotlight more than a 23+ win season, CUSA tourney run, and a deep NCAA run. TV, TV, TV, be it games, College Hoops Gamenight, ESPN & CBS.com’s, etc. All Curt needs to do personally is keep putting up the double doubles, play hard on defense every night, and be the stabilizing force for this team. The rest should take care of itself.

As far as numbers go, I think we’ll have a pretty darn balanced offense this year. It’s quite possible/likely, IMO, that Curt, Plav, Eddie & EJ will all average double figures. Different hero every night kind of thing, which is good. Lots of weapons on this team, though #3 is a big one.

BTW, that quote is great. :thumbsup:

Along with what NA said about exposure, Curtis’ numbers will have to be better than the other candidates everyone already knows about (Chris Paul, Roberts, Simien, Warrick, etc.). If they are equal, the candidates who already have received all of the hype thus far will garner the votes in the end. That being said, I think it will take 25+ points and 10+ rebounds per game for him to get noticed and in turn get the award. If we make it to the Sweet 16 and beyond, then they could probably be a little lower because of the attention that comes from it. I just hope he plays a little better than last year and helps the team have a strong season.

I agree. A Sweet 16 run will definitely help. If he doesn’t make it this year, I bet he does next year.

I just hope there is a next year. If he has a breakout year, he has a family to think about but it sounds like he values Bobby’s opinion. Hopefully he can be convinced by the experiences of the likes of Jameer Nelson who stayed their senior year, garnered all that attention and wouldn’t have traded their senior year for all the money in the NBA. Jameer had a son to think about too btw.

First team AA will be tough duty. Simien and Roberts got the preseason nod, and deservedly so. They led excellent squads last year that will be excellent again this year.
You also have to through Sean May and Ryan Gomes in the mix too. I’m sure someone else will emerge as like a Charlie Villaneuva. Our team needs to have constant top 25 exposure all year long plus 18 and 12 in my opinion.

Do they consider post season play? I don’t believe so. Sad I know so little about the mindset of a voter for AA, since well, we haven’t had candidates.

Wither’s numbers aren’t that important. He will get around 18-20 and 10 a game, but that doesn’t matter. There will be quite a few guys putting up those stats in the NCAA this year. In order for him to get AA we will need to go undefeated OOC, which would result in a top 15-20 national ranking. And then carry on undefeated (or at most 1 loss) until our visit to Cincy. If we have only lost one game in mid-January, the national attention will be there, and Withers will be the first guy anyone talks about (see St. Joe’s/Jameer Nelson last year). For Withers to be an AA on a team perminently stuck in the “others receiving votes” category, he would need something around 30 and 15 a game. It’s all about hype and attention, the team needs to win to get him individual awards.

We really could be sitting 11-0 at the end of December, and in that case his name would start popping up here and there among AA/POY talk. But since we are Charlotte, we are just about as likely to be 8-3 and nobody outside of these boards will mention his name, regardless of what stats he puts up.