What sports are you watching?

With 3 of the 4 major pro sports in their off-seasons, what pro sports are you watching?

EDIT: What other sports are you watching if not any pro sports?

I’m watching UFC whenever I can; Major League Lacrosse when they show it on ESPN. I’m not too big of a baseball fan but i’ll watch it from time to time. I guess i’ll watch a MLS game or two, but thats pretty much it.

Tour De France, and any of the USOpen series events leading up to the USOpen.

Tour De France, and any of the USOpen series events leading up to the USOpen.

Hey me to. yaaaa

Women’s Beach Volleyball.


I’ll watch the A’s when they play but being on the east coast I don’t get that a whole lot. Baseball is hard for me to watch on tv, too drawn out, especially compared to how much better it is in person.

I’ll watch some soccer when I can catch it on. They’ve been playing on the weekend and weekend nights so I’m not usually around. I’d love to catch it more but it seems to be on when I’m out.

:wow: I’ve been watching the bikinis at the pool! :naughty:

MLB baby, especially the atlanta braves(my team)–chipper is hott as a motha

also ive been watchin golf and ill watch beckham play a little

the MLS

occasionally a baseball game, but id rather just catch it on sportscenter, the games have too much down time i feel like when your watching it on tv…


[QUOTE=Over40NINER;250012]Women’s Beach Volleyball.[/QUOTE]
I thought I was the only one… I don’t have cable or sattelite, so whatever makes it to my 9 channels. French Open, Wimbeldon & racing.


I used to watch baseball a lot in the summer, but they lost me with the strike…yeah, I know it’s been a while, but I’m slow to forgive.

MLS…The EPL is getting ready to start back up…I will watch a ton of that. Thats about it until training camp.

No Major League Steroid Ball for me… besides I haven’t watched a game since the 1994 strike.

I’m watching a little bit of golf, some tennis, and any fishing show that may be on t.v. at the time.

MLS and I make it out to a USL game whenever I can. Well, ok, I make it out to a USL W-League game whenever I can. Whatever.

Definitely MLB, even though I rarely get to see a game I actually care about on television.

The AFl playoffs were kind of fun for a while there, but I think the Arenabowl will be a letdown. But Matt Nagy used to play QB for the now defunct Carolina Cobras, so at least I have a reason to care.

That’s it. Oh, I watched that celebrity golf tournament for a while because Brandi Chastain and Trent Dilfer were in it. But then Chris Chandler won. Ew.

this topic makes me want real sports back :frowning: