What will be the Attendance for the Gardner-Webb game?

Butts in the seat = Attendance.

4,949 butts

Perhaps butt cheeks, not butts.

[quote=“HP49er, post:3, topic:24126”]Perhaps butt cheeks, not butts.[/quote] 4.949 is and odd number and someone with only 1 butt cheek (or 3 ) is a odd person.

Technically, he said butt(cheek)s in the seats.
A larger individual may not be able to fit both in the seat.

Having just 2 these days is NOT the norm I’m afraid.

anyone wanna bet $50 we will have more than 2k+ people there? although, nnn doesnt seem full of trustful people that would hold up their end of the bet, lol.

I vote Infinity + 1.

I’ll go ahead admit I will be in DC that weekend with the girlfriend but I will at least be supporting one Charlotte team…the Bobcats.

haha… well played.

HP is right. Actual attendance will be under 3k for sure… probably under 2k. I’m going to try to make it.


[size=small]are u [/size][size=small]going to be there to count all the butts in the seats?[/size]

[size=small]FWIW, I guarantee we have more than 2k in attendance.[/size]

[quote=“Ninerballin, post:11, topic:24126”]cibik02,

[size=small]are u [/size][size=small]going to be there to count all the butts in the seats?[/size]

[size=small]FWIW, I guarantee we have more than 2k in attendance.[/size][/quote]

Yeah, I guess we should have a good amount of students there. Alumni side will be very thin I’m sure.

[quote=“Ninerballin, post:11, topic:24126”]cibik02,

are u going to be there to count all the butts in the seats?

FWIW, I guarantee we have more than 2k in attendance.[/quote]

i’d figure doing this would be right up one of you creepy old guys on here alley.

So what do we average normally? Like 7,000 right? So you figure that part of that 7,000 are not actually there - so lets say 6,500. Of that lets say 2500 are community and alums. So that means like 4,000 average and I am guessing a friday afternoon will have fewer students there than a friday night, but I might be wrong. So I am guessing 2500.

Will anyone attend the Gardner-Webb basketball game?

Looking into the future…

I’m sure that we’ll break 2,000 (actual) but by how much is questionable. Seems like students should show up given that its not exactly “Short Notice” being nearly 3 weeks away, and its early enough on a Friday that it won’t interfere with other plans they may already have for later in the evening. For alums/season ticket holders/community side, I’ll be very surprised to see us break 1,000 (actual) even though I’m positive that the official attendance will read 20-30% more than the actual. 4:00 on Friday is just a dismal time to schedule a basketball game for the working public to come watch. Not a good way to welcome Major to the family by having 2/3 of the arena EMPTY.

Im going with 2,827 students and 1, 268 community and 273 faculty and staff and their families etc. So that brings the grand total to: 4,368

By agreeing to this time, he’s introducing himself to the community at a bad time, not receiving a poor welcome. It’s an important difference IMO.

So if we reach 25% capacity instead of 20% capacity, would the season opener be then considered a great success?

Should they lower the curtains like at the women’s basketball game? haha