Whats for breakfast?

What do you eat in the mornign?

special K cereal

I think that falls under continental

ooops… the 2 american… one is with grits… the other is with hasbrowns…

One Granny Smith (it’s a tart, green apple, you nasty people!!)

ever since i started therapy i change my eating habits completely i each a very large but healthy breakfast. Then i have 4 other smaller meals the rest of the day.

1 multigrain bagel/lite cream cheese with vanilla-cinnamon whey protein shake. Usually something less healthy on weekends though.

I have a sudden urge to go plundering at the Shoney’s breakfast bar… get like 50 strips of bacon, then see if I can make it home w/o having a coronary.

I love eating a good breakfast, but I love sleep alot more. I ended up sleeping as much as I can then rushing to make it to work sans breakfast.

Harris Teeter bran flakes, and a sliced banana. No matter what you eat for lunch, you will crap it out by 2. Man i feel like savio after that statement.


I eat whatever is in the fridge… like yesterday I had French Fries with buffalo sauce.

Today I had Pizza dipped in ranch :wink:

tommorow… who knows… I think I might just not eat till the m’f NNN LUNCH BOI!

Sometimes I have a Whey Protien shake too… usually choco though

lol Gill you sure love makin polls dont u :tongue:

Eh… Im just doing my part in creating an active community :wink:

…and people pick on stonecold for his cheating thread:dry:

Somedays its cereals, other its eggs, toast and bacon.

Cheerios during the week, and a hot breakfast with grits eggs and whatever else on the weekends.

Dax, your diet is a smart one. Stick to that plan!

a 40 of High Life, washed down with a shot of Jack

Today I had Pizza dipped in ranch :wink:

Cold leftover pizza is hard to beat for breakfast.

there is something majestic aboutit

Usually some food that most people would have for dinner. Yesterday I had a Steak, this morning I had a hamburger.

I like breakfast but HATE breakfast foods.