Whats important to you?

Which of these things should Chancellor Dubois concentrate on first?

I say Law School. That makes my degree much more valuable than a football program. After Law School I say name change b/c it is very easy, then football.

Med school. I think we should add academic credentials, but not a law school. There are more people currently in law school than there are practicing lawyers, so there is no shortage of law schools. I say let Queens go for that one.

Having said that, I really want the name change too. As for football, I just don’t see it being worth the initial investment.

It all starts with the name change.

Not that I’m opposed to a name change or a medical school (I think a law school would suck!), but as sports fans on a sports board, I’m amazed by the lack of interest with football!

So Mr. Bojangles, tell me why the name change is most important.

I’ve seen more posts about changing the name then firing Lutz, which has recently become a very popular topic.

Finding a good moving company sounds like a good start to me.

Does this country really need more lawyers?? That could be a poll question all by itself!!

As a history major a law school makes my degree look better.

Law School.

Banking, Insurance, this town is FULL of law, we really need to get on the stick and establish ourselves as a premier schools right in the middle of a lawyers paradise.

We’re not getting a medical school. Shouldn’t even be an option.

  1. Name change
    1a) Law School
  2. Football
    2a) Get into the Big East in five years when it splits
[i]Originally posted by 49RFootballNow[/i]@Mar 21 2005, 02:40 PM [b] So Mr. Bojangles, tell me why the name change is most important.


Getting the name changed would bring us our own identity and we would no longer be looked at as a community college. Plus it would be the easiest to tackle of the options mentioned. We are half way there by changing our athletics name.

As far as football goes, where is the $$ gonna come from? I donate what I can but it’s not gonna be nearly enough to start a football team. I think I am in the extreme minority of alumni that actually donate to the 49er Club and support our school. Do you think this community is going to support our football team? It’s hard enough to get them to support our basketball team.