What's next for NNN?

I plan to swing the main domain over today at some point. There won’t be any interruption to the forums since it has it’s own sub-domain now.

The forum may see a blip over the weekend at some point doing some upgrades though. Just keeping up with changes in Discourse.

Adding encryption is next and finally Patreon.

It feels like we may need to go up a notch in servers given last night’s spike in CPU. Need overhead for when crazy things happen.

Lastly, does anyone want to be able to login/register using their facebook, google, twitter credentials?

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clt doesnt understand any of that, but thanks you.

The new updates are nice. Thanks!

Is the ninernation.net password different from the forums? I can’t login to the site but I can to the forums.

The main site uses the login from the Forums through single sign on. So, the forum login is all you need.

I still need to make some tweaks before the login will work. I’m waiting on my DNS server cache to finally update so I can see it myself.

You should start seeing the new front page now. It pulls in photos and news excerpts from the official site, Niner Times, and Agent 49. We can add more. It also has the latest posts from the forums as well as a Top posts section for the past week. You may see some missing images here and there as the DNS changes continue to filter out.

The site is now encrypted as well.

I still have a little work to do on logins between the front end and the Forums.

Going to see if I can get Patreon setup now.


New main site looks great, but can you make it so that the Youtube embed at the bottom of the page doesn’t autoplay? Get the loud blast of FORTY! NINERS! when you first go to the page, which sucks at work.

Probably a setting that’s easy to change - but can we set posted links to open in a new window? Or is that just me that prefers it that way?

Yep. That’s something that just started happening. For the past month it was fine. I think it was an update to the plugin I use for that and a new default option for autoplay. It will be fixed.

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Go to your settings, then Interface. this is an option under “Other.” Occasionally I still have some in chat open in same window still, but nothing else does.

I made this a global change on the forum. So, no need to do it on your individual account now.

No, turns out I just defaulted new users to have that setting. I cannot change it as a global setting. If you personally want external links to go to a new tab, you’ve gotta do it.