When do the guys practice?

When the guys practice/scrimmage during the summer?

I want to try and watch them a lil before the fall…

They usually play pick-up in late afternoon or evenings on certain days. Other days, they lift. Not sure if they’ve started this routine, yet.

thanks Lefty

do they practice/scrimmage in the Halton side of the SAC, or in the new training center side?

I think the MWC is off-limits in the off-season from what was said on the old site.

My friend who I play hoops with regularly said he was playing with the guys on Sunday nights. I’ll ask him again. I’ll get out there myself if I can ever got some frigging work done here.

I goto the SAC to lift and I usually walk up to the courts at some point. Two weeks ago there were a lot of players up there(last week had the women’s AAU tourny, so courts were closed). I’ve seen Pigford, Mitch, Drayton, Alexander, Nance and one guard-height guy(guessing either Lewis or Goldwire). Last year Pigford would play pickup with people up there all the time, Mitch would show up and play some too. Seems to be enough guys from the team around this year so they don’t have to practice dunking over 5’8" white guys.