When was the last time ...

you saw the #6 team in the nation and a one-loss team storm the court against us in March?


Lose the battle, but win the war. We’ve got GW’s number. Let’s go take care of business in Cincy and go on to the tournament as a “dangerous” team.

What #5 or #6 seed would like to play us?

I sorta feel good about this loss… It shows we really beat the #6 team, and how shitty these refs are when you call a fall for holding someones jersey and you dont let the person who got his jersey held shoot the freethrows… But this lets us now we can beat the best the A10 has to offer on their court. Glad the A10 tourney isn’t near Charlotte we dont need the homecourt advantage.

HIH, GW knows they stole one. Judy better get her head out her a$$ on this one and raise a heck of a stink!

I understood the rush, it was a great finish to a fantastic game, and they went undefeated in conference play.

And it was senior day.So why not celebrate

[QUOTE=ninerrbl;158944]And it was senior day.[/QUOTE]

How many times did they say that on the TV yesterday. My goodness.